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Creating A (Virtual) Outstanding Bollywood MP3 Download Site


My niece loves Indian pictures and Indian film medicine. To her, as to most of the world, this rich, colorful, attached and just-plain-fun genre is summed up in one word: Bollywood.


I concede that I've get taken with Bollywood equally happy, though not to the said extent every bit my niece, who holds a issue of Indian films and regularly takes others. The Bollywood well is so bad that I have to restrict myself to finding those few of its productions that babble up to view the tending of American movie readers. Otherwise I would be lost in Indian ocean of unknown movie titles, doers and actresses.


My niece besides accumulates CDs of Bollywood medicine. There's an Asian commercialize good her family that volunteers a cornucopia of them. But she has the said problem selecting CDs to buy that I do deciding which Bollywood movie may be worth my time. Unless she's seen the film from which a soundtrack derives, she's usually in the dark equally to whether a minute CD's vocals and artists are ones she will enjoy.


At her petition, I set up a fashion for her to preview a mixture of Bollywood songs and even to live with them on her iPod for a while, all for Absent. This right smart she can establish familiar decisions about which CDs she ultimately purchases.


First, I searched for Indian medicine Web sites, and specifically for those devoted to Bollywood, or at least modern popular medicine (every bit opposed, say, to classical Indian ragas). I found several good ones, with names such equally Bollywood earth and India FM.

Maybe it’s an intro to a song you don’t really like, or a hidden track you’d rather not be included on your MP3. Or maybe you just want to isolate one part of your favorite podcast. Whatever the reason, sometimes you want to cut an MP3 down to size.

You could download or purchase a dedicated program for this, but use CutMP3 and you can get the job done quickly from your browser. This flash-based web app is different than most in that your data is never actually uploaded to another server – everything happens locally.

Simply point the site towards the MP3 you want to bring down to size, and the web app will analyze it. You’ll now be able to pick a new start and end time for the MP3, and even preview what the changes you made will sound like. That’s all you can do with this simple web app, but if that’s all you need it’ll work great.


  • Edit any MP3 file online.

  • Cut anything from the beginning or end of the file.

  • Data never uploaded; everything happens locally.

  • Flash-based.

  • Only compatible with MP3 files.

  • Similar apps: Mp3Cut, MakeMyRingtone and also see recent MakeUseOf article, 10 Websites For Free Mobile Phone Ringtones & Downloads.

Check out CutMP3 @ (via DownloadSquad)

Online resources for discovering and downloading new music appear to be endless. And once you have discovered one that has everything you want, it’s gone. They come and go like the seasons. Some are legal, most are not.

The best way to keep up with the latest single or album releases, tour dates, and the hottest new bands are social music networks.

Here is a website that focuses entirely on what’s hot right now and where to get cool new tunes for free.


We tune in and analyze this tidal wave of musical conversation to help you find songs, artists, and music bloggers that you want to know about. We want to help you discover new artists you’ll support in the future.

Sound good? Let’s have a look at how Muzic works.

Browsing for music…

When you’re not logged in the start page shows a tag cloud of “artists happening now”, i.e. artists that have a lot of free stuff out now. You can zoom over to “songs happening now” and “bloggers on our radar” by clicking the small buttons at the bottom of the tag cloud.

Muzic lets you search for artists, songs, or bloggers. But to discover new bands, “popular tags” or “songs by genre” are a better starting point.

The results page is a list of posts that match your query. Posts are created by the bloggers that provide the free MP3 downloads. Each post contains details about the song and a link back to the the site where it was posted originally.

Click on the song name to launch the song’s card, which contains some more information, as well as lists of more songs from the same blog and all songs from that artist below the card.

Downloading mp3s…

Once you found an interesting song, click > Get Song in its bottom left. You will be redirected to the original source. Muzic will stay with you though, as it is minimized to a small bar at the top of the page.

Now you can either download the song from the respective blog or from Muzic’s top navigation bar. If you decide for Muzic, > right-click the green > Download MP3 button and select > Save Link As… from the menu. Now select a destination and you’re ready to save the song.

To return to Muzic, click the << back link in its navigation bar at the top.

In case an artist uploaded a song to Muzic, you can directly download the MP3 from the respective song card. Uploaded songs can also be “previewed”, i.e. listened to in full through the Muzic player, which launches in a separate frame at the bottom of the page.

The community…

When you’re logged in you can add songs to your faves, follow other listeners or artists that have uploaded songs, and update your profile.

In all honesty, the profile features and community aspects are a little underdeveloped. Unless I missed out on something important, there is no real exchange between users. You can see what others added as their faves and follow them, but that’s about it. On the other hand that isn’t too bad. After all, you’re in for the latest free music and not for even more distractions.

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What are you listening to these days?

Image credits: CMSeter

about of the Web sites I found offered song samples, meaning 30-second or 1-minute snippets. Some experienced full audio streams that allowed the visitor to listen to continuous Bollywood music for equally long equally she or he might want. It was these latter that provided the first half of our solution.


Normally, streaming audio, such as what you hear over an Internet radio place, cannot be saved or downloaded. New software, though, makes it possible to record the stream to your hard drive for replaying every bit often equally you like.


Even better, some of the newest audio capture software package incorporates something called an mp3 splitter. This computer software is able to break the audio stream into tell mp3 song files. By the way, this is utterly legal, because you're simply transcription a broadcast, the very as when you phonograph record a TV show on your VHS. Voila -- we experienced the second half of our solution.


Between the audio streams and splitter/reading software package, we created our own primary Bollywood mp3 download sites.


Now whenever my niece is in a mode to search the latest tuneful offerings from Bollywood, she penetrates on her favorite Indian-medicine Internet radio send, then starts the putting down software system. Pretty soon she has enough Bollywood mp3s to shuffle complete for the rest of the workweek, and she's almost assured to find two or three that will spur her to establish a spark to the CD bin down at the Asian stock.


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